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The Replacements (2000)

576 voting, rata-rata 6.5 dari 10

Maverick old-guard coach Jimmy McGinty is hired in the wake of a players’ strike to help the Washington Sentinels advance to the playoffs. But that impossible dream hinges on whether his replacements can hunker down and do the job. So, McGinty dusts off his secret dossier of ex-players who never got a chance (or screwed up the one they were given) and knits together a bad-dream team of guys who just may give the Sentinels their title shot.

Tagline:Throw the ball. Catch the girl. Keep it simple.
Genre: Comedy
Durasi: 118 Min
Anggaran:$ 50.000.000,00
Pendapatan:$ 50.054.511,00

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