The House of Morecock (2001)

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The Animated Misadventures of Jonas Morecock Hello my lovelies and welcome to the House of Morecock. Join our sexy host, boy toy Jonas Morecock on his search to uncover some of the most bizarre mysteries from around the world. From his home base at Morecock Manor Jonas shares his misadventures with us each episode. The funny thing is his deductive skills for finding the legendary big foot or the Loch Ness Monster is only surpassed by his ability to run into really hot guys. Jonas is more than up to the challenge at getting to the bottom of things. So when you hear a strange sound that goes bump in the night it may be a monster under your bed or Jonas up to his old tricks searching for a monster of his own…From the twisted mind of artist director Joe Phillips (who brought you the erotic “Boys will be Boys Calendars) Jonas Morecock will definitely go where no “Joe Boy” has gone before!

Tagline:The Animated Misadventures of Jonas Morecock
Durasi: 61 Min

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